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This is where we answer the questions we’re most often asked about Swyftee. If you can’t find the answer you want here, ask your question on our Enquiries page.

How does Swyftee work for me when I’m looking for work?

Swyftee notifies you of jobs based on your location and preferred job types. Simply apply and wait to get accepted.

How does Swyftee work for me when I’m looking for help?

Receive applications to your job postings straight away and choose - then chat with your Swyftee to work out the details.

Is it free to have a Profile?

Whether you’re seeking help or seeking work, it’s free to sign up to and have a Profile on Swyftee.

What should I put on my Profile?

We recommend that you include as much detail about yourself or company as you can. For work seekers, including main responsibilities and tasks you can carry out, any specific skills or experience you have, and what type of jobs you’re looking for and enjoy. For help seekers, you should include some background about the Individual or company and if the latter provide summary information about the business and in what industry sector you operate.

How do I find out about new jobs?

As a work seeker, you will receive notifications for new jobs, as they are posted, based upon the preferences that you have set up on the app.

I’m available at different times on different days, what do I do?

In your Notification Preferences, as a work seeker, you can manage your availability for the upcoming week. It will ensure you’re notified of new jobs when you are available.

Can I say I want to do more than one job at the same time on the same day?

To prevent over committing yourself, Swyftee ensures you are only to apply for a single job posting for the same date and time, until you are either accepted or your application expires. Obviously you can apply for multiple jobs which do not overlap.

How long is it until my application expires and I can apply for another advert for the same date and time?

Applications expire after 3 hours.

How does the Business or Individual I am applying to know if you have the correct skills?

You should include as much information as possible about your skills in your Profile and apply for jobs that are suitable.

How can I improve my chances of being selected for a job?

A profile picture, detailed description of yourself, good ratings and less cancellations should all improve your chances of being selected.

How long will it take to find out if I have got the job?

This can be as quick as the Business or Individual seeking help takes to select an applicant or up to 3 hours when your application expires.

What do I do when I’ve been selected for a job?

When you have been selected for a job we recommend that you make a note of your commitment as well as using Swyftee messages to chat with the Business or Individual seeking help, to find out any additional details.

What if I can no longer do the job?

You can cancel a job if you absolutely have to although this will likely cause great inconvenience to the Business or Individuals seeking help, and the number of times you have cancelled will be shown on your Profile to future Businesses or Individuals seeking help.

What if I can’t start at the exact start time indicated on the job post?

When applying for a job you can indicate a different start time if required, the option you have for an amended start time is based purely on the flexibility available from the Business or Individual seeking help.

What if I can’t work for the full amount of hours?

When applying for a job you can indicate a different amount of hours that you are available to work for, the options you have are based on the flexibility available from the Business or Individual seeking help.

How can I see what’s happening with the jobs I want to do?

Job manager shows you your Pending, Working and Timed Out jobs.

How will I get paid for the jobs that I do?

The Business or Individual you are working for will arrange and make payment to you directly.

How do I pay my Swyftee?

You should make arrangements to pay your Swyftee directly.

How much does it cost?

At the moment, absolutely nothing. Zero. Nil.

We want as many people to experience the benefits of Swyftee, so we are waiving our posting fee for now. We will let you know once we decide to re-introduce it and even then we may offer reductions as part of a promotion.

What do I put in the job description?

We recommend that you include as much detail about the job as you can including main responsibilities and tasks to be carried out, any specific skills or experience required and what you expect as a result of the job being complete.

What should I set as the hourly rate?

We encourage you to pay by the UK's hourly living wage because you're probably saving quite a bit by using Swyftee.

How do applicants or work seekers apply?

Work seekers can let you know that they want to do the job from within the app. Applicants can view the details that have been posted and are able to easily apply for the job.

How do you see which applicants have applied?

You can see all applicants or work seekers within the details of the job post in your Job Manager, this includes both live and timed out applicants. You will also receive a notification when new applications are received, so please ensure you have your notifications enabled in your settings.

How do you confirm their experience is suitable for the role?

You should be diligent about confirming that the applicants' Profile provides the relevant information that would make them suitable to fulfill the job as expected. In addition, you should also consider their ratings from previous Businesses or Individuals seeking help and any verified skills they have gained.

What if nobody takes up the offer, would i get a partial refund on posting the job?

As we are waiving our posting fee at the moment, you have paid nothing so there is nothing to refund.

Would Swyftee step in to resolve any disputes between the Business or Individual seeking help and applicants doing a job?

Regretfully not. The nominal fee charged by Swyftee is for posting the availability of a job on our platform enabling it to be visible to work seekers. We are not an employment service or bureau.

On a more formal note, as per our terms, the Swyftee Group shall not be a party to, have any liability for or provide any assistance in relation to any dispute which may arise between you and any other user for any reason. For further information, please visit our Terms & Conditions. https://www.swyftee.com/terms-and-conditions

What if the applicant subsequently cancels?

If an applicant cancels, and you still have time to fulfil the job, your job posting will be automatically reopened and available for other work seekers to find and apply.

How long does the job posting stay on the Swyftee platform?

Your advert will stay live right up until the job start time that you have stated in your job post.

Why has my job posting expired?

Your job posting will expire if you don't have any applicants or if you don't choose an applicant and the start time for your job has passed.

Can I reopen a job after the start time?

It's not possible to reopen a job posting as the job details such as start time will no longer be valid. 

When will I be charged for my job posting?

As we are waiving our posting fee at the moment, you will be charged nothing.

What if I no longer need staff?

If you no longer need staff or have made other arrangements to fill the role you can cancel the job from within your Job Manager. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a refund for job postings that are cancelled.

What if I have included incorrect details in my job post?

If you need to update your job post for any reason you can do this in from within Job Manager. You won’t be able to make any updates to the job details once you have received applications so we recommend you check the job details as soon as it is posted.

What if I need someone to work in a different location or branch?

You can add a location for the job that is different to the details in your company Profile.

How does the rating/feedback system work?

After the job period has passed you will receive a notification asking you to give a rating. Your rating will be added to any other ratings the user has received and the average of all their ratings received is displayed on their Profile. It is the same process for both those seeking help and those seeking work.

Why do I need to leave a rating?

Leaving a rating provides valuable feedback when others are viewing Profiles. It can also make a difference between someone choosing to apply for a job or choosing an applicant.

What if I have forgotten my login details?

There is a Forgotten Password button on the Sign In page, enter your registered email address and submit your request to reset your password. You’ll then receive an email with further instructions.

Why am I not receiving push notifications?

You may need to make sure that you have enabled notifications for the app in Settings for your device.

Can I use the Swyftee app on desktop?

Yes, it's possible to access the app from a desktop, please contact us via our form for more information.