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Swyftee is possibly the fastest one-off job-matching app available. It’s quick, easy and direct with no strings attached. 

If you’re a Business or Individual that needs casual help in your workplace or at home, Swyftee finds you local, available workers at short notice and puts you in touch directly.

If you’re a casual worker or student who wants local work for immediate cash, Swyftee lets you apply for one-off and last minute jobs that fit with your free time and match your skills and preferences.

Swyftee is mobile

Swyftee is a 24/7 mobile app that saves everyone time and money by putting workers and Businesses & Individuals in touch directly and instantly, wherever and whenever suits you!

Swyftee is quick

Businesses & Individuals post their job description, location and amount they’ll pay. Local Swyftee workers get notified immediately and apply if they’re available and willing. 

Swyftee is smart

Businesses & Individuals choose their Swyftee from the applicants and get in touch directly to make arrangements. There’s no middle man, no extra fees and no temp agency mark-up. It’s the fastest, easiest and cheapest way we know to get and give paid help locally.

Swyftee is free

Yes FREE! We want as many people to experience the benefits of swyftee, so we are waiving our posting fee for now. Each job ad can ask for one or more workers.

Swyftee is simple

How Swyftee works – no hassle and no commitment

  • Create your account
  • Post a job ad if you’re looking for a Swyftee to help you
  • Set your work preferences if you’re looking for casual work
  • Workers apply for opportunities that suit them
  • Businesses & Individuals choose the Swyftee they want
  • The Swyftee worker turns up, does the job and gets paid directly
  • Rate and get rated 

Once you’re in touch, you can make further arrangements directly without any extra charge – we don’t mind!

Swyftee is a community

Download the app now to join the Swyftee community… and (if you like us which we hope you do!) recommend us to your business and personal contacts and fellow casual workers.



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